Resources for Idaho Inventors

Inventor Resources

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NOTE: The below list contains resources available to Idaho inventors that Dykas Law Offices, PLLC is aware of. The services on this list have not been confirmed, endorsed, or guaranteed by Dykas Law Offices, PLLC, and the list is merely provided as a courtesy to these resources and Idaho inventors.

Business Development

  • Idaho Small Business Development Center TECenter assists people in getting their technology-related business up and running. Contact Rick Ritter at (208) 426-6613.
  • WayPoint Management Group, LLC – According to WayPoint, “Once the product development and patent stages have been completed WayPoint can provide your management team with the strategic and operational support required to create a high performance organization capable of tracking a high growth curve and capturing each product’s full profit potential.” Randy M. Kyrias (208) 841-7080 E-Mail:

Graphic Artists/Designers & Computer Aided Drafting

  • Richard L. Dierks — computer aided design and drafting; solid modeling. E-mail: Richard L. Dierks,
    (208) 378-9635.
  • The Graphic Company–patent, trademark, and copyright graphics. E-mail: David F. Coble, (208) 466-1113.
  • Gizmos & Gadgets CAD Service–solid modeling and 3D drawings. E-mail: Michael Jones, (208) 344-0435.
  • ProtoQuill — patent graphic compilation. E-mail: Val Johnson
  • Stephanie Inman — graphic design + hand lettering. website
  • Leo Geis ( – Technical Photography: Forensically defensible and extreme grade product imaging. Macrophotography (small objects and details). Time-lapse photography and macrophotography. 360-degree photography and macrophotography. Hyperspectrual (infrared, ultraviolet) imaging. Thermography. (208) 344-7410

Engineering Consulting

  • Rick Coombs. (208) 327-9941. e-mail. Design and Engineering Consulting Services in many fields, including lithium ion battery technology, recreational equipment, machine design, petroleum/pressure vessels, medical implants/equipment, consumer appliances, electro-mechanical, computer modeling in Pro-E and Solid Works, and civil/structural design. From prototyping to production.
  • Paul Bianchetti–electrical engineering. (208) 634-8772.
  • Ali Nazeri, Nazeri Medical Group, Inc.–medical. (208) 850-7351.
  • Inventure Engineering, LLC, Tony Senn, PE, Mechanical Engineering, design and prototyping. 3D solid modeling, CNC and manual machining, welding and fabrication. (208) 863-6033,
  • Lincoln Thomas–electrical. (208) 938-0682.
  • James MarriottEngineering Works, LLC, mechanical engineering and prototyping. (208) 377-2401.
  • AirTrack Electronics Corp. — Provides services in product development, including design, prototyping, CAD/CAM, reverse engineering, and complete turn-key service, as well as product and process enhancement, including troubleshooting, cost reduction, design for manufacturability, and statistical experimental design. Contact: Cliff Seusy, P.E. PH. (208) 375-4004, Fax (208) 375-5445 or e-mail:
  • Leo Geis – Software Development for Persuasive Applications. Public relations/education campaigns. Litigation presentations & exhibits. Critical instruction (e.g. medical compliance). Mobile device instruction, instructional games, and testing. Mobile device time and/or geographic position-sensitive
    applications. (208) 344-7410
  • Benchmark Research & Safety, Inc. ( is a human factors and ergonomics consulting firm that specializes in providing consulting and professional services in the following areas: product safety; warnings development & evaluation (on-product & manuals); research (design, ethnographic, perceptual); and usability & user-centered design. Contact Eric Shaver at 208-407-2908 or via email.

Marketing Resources

  • CuriousMedia — Provides:
      1. Corporate Identity development
      2. Marketing Strategy
      3. Advertising
      4. Concept development
      1. Design for print, web, CD and DVD
      2. Illustration
      3. Animation
      4. Video editing
      5. CD and DVD development
      6. Desktop applications
      7. Web applications
      8. Photography
      9. Packaging design
      10. Print management
      11. Writing: copy
  • Davies & Rourke Advertising–graphic design, public relations, radio and television production, point-of sale, media analysis & buying, trade show displays, collateral production, sales promotion, and audio/visual production. (208) 853-5840.
  • Guy Rome and Associates, Inc.–marketing (television, radio and print), design (outdoor, direct mail/marketing, and point-of-sale), media (packaging, corporate identity, and collateral material), and other services (sales promotions, public relations, and strategic planning). (208) 345-4143.
  • Catapult3–displays, fixtures and banners. (208) 384-5220.
  • Applied Marketing Group –provides consulting to businesses and individuals for marketing purposes. (208) 362-6611


  • The Idaho Virtual Incubator prepares businesses for e-commerce, offers students “hands-on” experience through virtual internships and fosters partnerships for job creation, expansion and retention. If you want to know more about the IVI and how it may be able to help you, call 208-792-2097.

Prototypes, Machining & Plastics

  • Quintex Corporation — Plastic molding services. Contact: Michael Dawson. (208) 442-1999.
  • RPM Machine, Inc.–CNC milling & turning, prototype & production, molds & EDM, CAD-CAM system, semiconductor equipment, and circuit board tooling. (208) 887-7770.
  • Adaptive Technologies–a plastic injection molder, who designs and manufactures plastic parts, models, assembly tooling and molds. They can be a turnkey source for entire assemblies or supply raw parts. They offer project management resources as well as sourcing for other types of manufacture. Contact: Bruce LaVassar. PH. (208) 467-1000, Fax (208) 467-1039 or e-mail:
  • RMI-I — Plastic fabrication and finishing. (208) 377-3686
  • AirTrack Electronics Corp. — Provides services in product development, including design, prototyping, CAD/CAM, reverse engineering, and complete turn-key service, as well as product and process enhancement, including troubleshooting, cost reduction, design for manufacturability, and statistical experimenta design. Contact: Cliff Seusy, P.E. PH. (208) 375-4004, Fax (208) 375-5445 or e-mail:


  • Randy M. Kyrias. (208) 841-7080
  • Rick Ritter, Technology Services Consultant, Idaho Small Business Development Center. (208) 426-6613,
  • — Bring investors and entrepreneurs together to make investments and ideas happen. (208) 424-8438.

Local Organizations

  • TechBoise – Spotlights the people and companies making a difference in Boise, Meridian, and the greater Treasure Valley. Currently holds monthly meetups at The WaterCooler and Nebula Shift, and covers a variety of topics from tech startups to STEM education to the valley’s most innovative companies.
  • Kickstand – “Kickstand provides access to a community of peers, resources, industry leaders, and critical information that will help emerging and growing innovation companies succeed.”
  • Idaho Technology Council – “The Idaho Technology Council exists to connect, inform and promote the technology companies in Idaho and is dedicated to foster the growth of technology companies in the state, primarily in the areas of information technology, agriscience, and energy.  The ITC provides a valuable forum for industry, research, educators, investors, and government throughout the state.  The ITC advocates for creating a strong, innovative technology ecosystem and a high quality, high paid workforce.”

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